january miscellany

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

a few things from our january --
+ he got a drone for Christmas and I'm fairly certain this is a hobby that is here to stay.  I don't mind so much as Lucy does. she sure detests that little thing that chases her all around the house.
+ the epic snow party weekend, cabin fever be damned! we had a good ol time in our snowy winter wonderland
+ fiery sunrises and luminous lavender shadows and sunsets
+ watching Frozen with steaming a mugful on a gray weekend morning in January, just felt like the right thing to do
+ blood oranges, homemade ramen, my first whole roasted chicken, banana bread, crockpot BBQ ribs, zucchini lasagna, bananas and yogurt and soup for days -- January eats!
+ brunch and lunch and a dinner here and there, at favorite local places.  a trip to an Asian market for noodles and tofu and spices, we can't wait to return.  and an entire afternoon at Dave and Busters, we got pretty competitive at ski ball -- January dates!
+ sipping wine flights on a chilly Saturday afternoon -- mermaid winery won us over and we will be back for cheese plates soon
+ steamed coffee creamer pairs so well with our french press
+ booking a trip to Texas and shining our boots for the rodeo!
+ hibernating nicely with Netflix and alternating foot rubs -- always with a snoozing corgi in between

we cozied up well this January -- tidying up, cleaning out, lounging in comfies and slippers for days on end as well.  fun days had and plans and adventures to come, it has been quiet lovely.   but, I feel them creeping in, the winter blues. the sadness and anxiety I strive to combat every winter, this year seeming worse and hitting sooner -- maybe from the unrest and distention going on all around or maybe because of more personal reasons, I think both its both.  holding on tightly to old techniques(tea and running shoes, baking and yoga) as well as new ones(putting down the phone and weight lifting) to make it through these blue days.

also on my heart -- I'm thinking about taking a pause from this blog for while. maybe after this year, maybe sooner.  it sure has been a fun little hobby, from the deepest part of my heart, thank you for reading.



a happy list --

Saturday, January 21, 2017

a few things that made my week --
--spotting cherry blossoms on the nineteenth of january
-- an afternoon americano with steamed almond milk, paired with chilly hands on dreary january day felt like kismet
--fresh pops of color for the table, hydrangea and eucalyptus and a white rose for good measure
--a whole roasted chicken, my first! and having an entire cozy afternoon to do so.  a successful and might I add quite a delicious endeavor, that only took me 29 years
--mastering the art of homemade ramen, its my husbands favorite and so traditional ramen bowls and chopsticks were bought!
-- a new rug and candle for a bit of freshness
--wintering so good.  evenings cuddled together, stew simmering on the stove, robes and fuzzy slippers at the ready.
-- flannels for days. my closet is happy and full of them
--winter sunrises

also this week: while my husbands truck is being worked on, we have been a one car family -- taking him to work in the morning has provided little bits of extra time together and it has been so utterly sweet and refreshing.  instead of seeing it as an inconvenience, it has been a blessing; a lesson I always want to remember.

a january blizzard

Saturday, January 14, 2017

last weekend our beach city was treated to a blizzard, a first for us.  snow fell through friday night and well into saturday.  it was blustery and cold but we were well stocked with chips and salsa and coronas with limes, thinking tropical thoughts all the live long day.  on saturday we ventured outside only minutes at a time-- to make snow angels of course and then quickly cozied up back inside with thick layers, stocking feet, and fuzzy slippers.  music played and we danced in the kitchen and continued our mexican fiesta with steak tacos for dinner.

sunday was a beautiful snowy day, the calm after a storm.  freezing temperatures gave way to crisp blue skies, icicles and powdery snow which gave great hopes for snowman building.  we brunched at home, sipping on homemade greyhounds with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice; eggs and bacon and toast with summer's blackberry jam.  we snow played all afternoon -- snow balls and selfies and he brought out his snowboard of course.  keeping our beer on ice,  a sunday funday in our snowy backyard it certainly was.  we warmed up and snuggled the evening away with pizza and football, falling asleep on the couch knowing monday, we as well as most of our city were to be housebound once again.

monday with our city still under snow -- there was no work or school, a classic snow day indeed-- and so we snuggled on the couch watching movie after movie, eating every morsel in our house, or so it seemed.  homemade meatballs simmered all day in the slow cooker for spaghetti noodles, making my husband over-the-moon happy.  also homemade ramen, leftover pizza, and peanut butter by the spoonful, it was an indulgent day.  oh winter...

tuesday morning gave way to a fiery sky, breathtakingly gorgeous -- a gift for enduring this little blizzard and our cabin fever.  we lived in a wintery snow globe all weekend, it was quite fun and certainly lovely--  but alas we were so very thankful for the sun and the warming weather that followed.


a resolve to the better.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

happy new year and welcome welcome 2017.  there is something so hopeful, so exciting about the beginning of a new year.  a refresh for the calendar, mind, body, spirit, household...

such peace, such promise in this month of january -- we are excited and challenged for more adventures, more love, more family, more joy in the everyday, more writing, more trust, more running, more house and home.

no such resolutions written, but they are there in my heart and mind, and I am proud to say my eagerness has already put some into play. hip hip!

cozy january -- hibernating and yet planning.  sweeping up pine needles and cleaning out drawers, dusting off cabinets and donating our unused things.  new running shoes which inspire old motivations along with pots of healthy soup just a simmering.  mugfuls of herbal tea and vitamin c because its winter and dustings of snow have come and gone and brought with them winter colds.

and yet still, an open and joyful heart with palms held up -- my resolve, always.