a happy list --

Saturday, January 21, 2017

a few things that made my week --
--spotting cherry blossoms on the nineteenth of january
-- an afternoon americano with steamed almond milk, paired with chilly hands on dreary january day felt like kismet
--fresh pops of color for the table, hydrangea and eucalyptus and a white rose for good measure
--a whole roasted chicken, my first! and having an entire cozy afternoon to do so.  a successful and might I add quite a delicious endeavor, that only took me 29 years
--mastering the art of homemade ramen, its my husbands favorite and so traditional ramen bowls and chopsticks were bought!
-- a new rug and candle for a bit of freshness
--wintering so good.  evenings cuddled together, stew simmering on the stove, robes and fuzzy slippers at the ready.
-- flannels for days. my closet is happy and full of them
--winter sunrises

also this week: while my husbands truck is being worked on, we have been a one car family -- taking him to work in the morning has provided little bits of extra time together and it has been so utterly sweet and refreshing.  instead of seeing it as an inconvenience, it has been a blessing; a lesson I always want to remember.

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  1. That chicken looks amaaaazing! Also, Kris and I have had to take one car to work a few times and we've had some great chats on those car rides -- like you said, it provides little bits of extra time together :)