a january blizzard

Saturday, January 14, 2017

last weekend our beach city was treated to a blizzard, a first for us.  snow fell through friday night and well into saturday.  it was blustery and cold but we were well stocked with chips and salsa and coronas with limes, thinking tropical thoughts all the live long day.  on saturday we ventured outside only minutes at a time-- to make snow angels of course and then quickly cozied up back inside with thick layers, stocking feet, and fuzzy slippers.  music played and we danced in the kitchen and continued our mexican fiesta with steak tacos for dinner.

sunday was a beautiful snowy day, the calm after a storm.  freezing temperatures gave way to crisp blue skies, icicles and powdery snow which gave great hopes for snowman building.  we brunched at home, sipping on homemade greyhounds with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice; eggs and bacon and toast with summer's blackberry jam.  we snow played all afternoon -- snow balls and selfies and he brought out his snowboard of course.  keeping our beer on ice,  a sunday funday in our snowy backyard it certainly was.  we warmed up and snuggled the evening away with pizza and football, falling asleep on the couch knowing monday, we as well as most of our city were to be housebound once again.

monday with our city still under snow -- there was no work or school, a classic snow day indeed-- and so we snuggled on the couch watching movie after movie, eating every morsel in our house, or so it seemed.  homemade meatballs simmered all day in the slow cooker for spaghetti noodles, making my husband over-the-moon happy.  also homemade ramen, leftover pizza, and peanut butter by the spoonful, it was an indulgent day.  oh winter...

tuesday morning gave way to a fiery sky, breathtakingly gorgeous -- a gift for enduring this little blizzard and our cabin fever.  we lived in a wintery snow globe all weekend, it was quite fun and certainly lovely--  but alas we were so very thankful for the sun and the warming weather that followed.


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