a resolve to the better.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

happy new year and welcome welcome 2017.  there is something so hopeful, so exciting about the beginning of a new year.  a refresh for the calendar, mind, body, spirit, household...

such peace, such promise in this month of january -- we are excited and challenged for more adventures, more love, more family, more joy in the everyday, more writing, more trust, more running, more house and home.

no such resolutions written, but they are there in my heart and mind, and I am proud to say my eagerness has already put some into play. hip hip!

cozy january -- hibernating and yet planning.  sweeping up pine needles and cleaning out drawers, dusting off cabinets and donating our unused things.  new running shoes which inspire old motivations along with pots of healthy soup just a simmering.  mugfuls of herbal tea and vitamin c because its winter and dustings of snow have come and gone and brought with them winter colds.

and yet still, an open and joyful heart with palms held up -- my resolve, always.


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