february miscellany

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

a few things to remember from our february --
 + visiting my best friend in raleigh and finally!! meeting her perfect baby boy!
+ my first fancy designer latte with the best biscuit of my life-- layered with pimento cheese and bacon, obviously
+ chia tea and reading books off my shelf
+ wine and cheese tray to celebrate friday, a favored tradition 
+ blueberry almond power muffins, zucchini-turkey burgers, homemade spagetti sauce, and according to my husband too many things with chickpeas! --february eats
+ visit to the dog shelter ending with frozen yogurt instead of a puppy, biking down the boardwalk on a 75 sunny sunday, pizza and movies couch side, motorcycle ride and our favorite locals spot, spin classes together then refueling with sushi or chips and salsa! patio sitting and chatting the afternoon away before storm clouds rolled in-- february dates
+ logging miles.  short runs, long runs, ones outside or on the treadmill -- over 50 this month alone
+ the cutest little red heads as my date on Valentines night, my favorite way to celebrate 
+ valentine roses and hearts on Starbucks cups-- sweet reminders of love on its holiday 
+ just a dog and her hotdog costume, making us smile all winter long
+ ordering Chinese take-out on a monday night, his idea and what a treat it was
+ gym partners at last! spin classes together is only the beginning
+ the uncanny weather bringing an early spring to february, unlike i have ever seen 

& something I would rather NOT remember from our february -- 
+ the worst case of poison ivy i have ever experienced.  irony in its simplest form, poison ivy in winter. ha.


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