in praise of friendships and new babies

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

this past weekend I visited my oldest friend and met her new baby son! it was a weekend I've looked forward to long before it was penned on a calendar.

rejoicing in friendships and new babies is utterly something else, entirely.  it is powerful and beautiful seeing your oldest, dearest friend as a mother; it is emotional and no small amount of joy to hold her baby in your arms; he fell fast asleep tucked in my crook moments after we met.  i completely melted.  if i could bottle up his smell and giggles and moments from our days together I would, no price worthy to sell.

cooing and cuddling and sneaking head kisses when ever I could -- it is safe to say I am smitten with this little boy and miss him dearly already.  such an honor to be an aunt, to watch him grow and see what life he will lead -- bound not by blood but by love -- my tribe, so exciting to see it grow.

my best friend and i -- we were little girls together, teenagers together, & we are young women together.  now, as we enter different phases of life I am beyond proud and inspired by the women and mother she has become.  I am so so lucky to have her path to follow.

long lovely conversations over coffee and biscuits with bacon and pimento cheese & later with wine and popcorn -- we delighted in each other and soaked up every ounce of our time together.  it had been far too long since we we had done that and it filled me up so.

leaving was hard, but plans for the near future -- is a promise I'm dearly holding onto.

such the perfect weekend. nourished my heart and my spirit, ever grateful for days like these.  carry on winter, i'm recharged and embracing you.

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