taking stock || february

Thursday, February 23, 2017

making: each mile count.  half marathon training is both exhilarating and exhausting 
eating: from the fridge/pantry/freezer more often and feeling quite frugal and creative if i do say so myself
drinking: chai tea and wondering why it has taken me so long
reading: eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert 
listening: to Alan Jackson so much lately, excitely prepping for Texas and the rodeo 
watching: the sun rise earlier and linger later and later each day now it seems
bookmarking: this skirt! because turning 30 should be celebrated with pink tulle and crisp champagne!
wanting: to jazz up my coffee table with a new tray, filled with books and candles and a soft rug underneath
looking: forward to our trip to Texas in a few weeks, hugging my mom and dad a few days before that, and spending a weekend with one of my best girlfriends even sooner! also friday- always looking forward to that.
enjoying: buying flowers for myself. african roses perched by the window but wanting to take them into each room i go 
waiting: to become a mother.  such an unexpected journey i never imagined would be part of our story, alas such is life.
wondering: why i took a break from yoga at all?  
loving: how passionate and inspired my husband is about his new gym membership -- how lucky of a girl I am to have married a man who is as unapologetically zealous with their passions as i. go big or go home is forever and always our style.
hoping: for a trip to the mountains this year and one to the beach while we're at it!
marveling: at how running is as equally a mental game as a physical one.  also, don't you dare think you will lose weight training for a race, don't you dare.
needing: to desperately do yard work on one of these beautiful february days.  also a chainsaw would be helpful.
wearing: his oversized sweaters on these cold winter nights in.  there is just something about wearing his clothing i find so cozy and romantic
smelling: nothing much at the moment, chris sweetly gave me his cold
noticing: birdsong and daffodils and hints of pink and green-- a fading winter is my favorite kind
knowing: this is it -- this is the year -- now to find the courage, to jump for it and chase that dream. 
laughing: with him (or at him) is my forever favorite
thinking: i need to promptly get crackin' on this before 30 list i've created because....
daydreaming: together about our someday-- of small babes and who they will look like and where we will live; with a fenced in yard or on the water with a boat 
wishing: i saw my family more.  i miss them so.
feeling: strong. encouraged. hopeful. 

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