march miscellany

Friday, March 31, 2017

every weekend, every day seemed so full this march -- it was the best month so far this year, if i'm being choosy. memories of my lifetime were made over these past weeks, i cherish them so -- but am eager and hopeful for upcoming days;  finding adventures and celebrating the simple moments in between.

the weather this march is something one must note -- it was surely weird with snow and rain and sunny days mixed in -- but the sun is lingering longer each day and so that alone is something to celebrate.  i think we are on the cusp of a blooming spring, finally-- blooms abounding and lawn mowers singsong-ing.  i am ready to dig in the dirt, plant herbs, and ultimately end our days underneath that blue umbrella.   hip hip!

things I want to remember from march:
+ a weekend with my one of my best girlfriends! -- smoothies and pedicures, veggies on the grill and dancing in the kitchen, brunching with mimosas and talking, talking, talking.  it was beyond lovely.
+ our trip to Texas-- the Houston rodeo and all that it entailed-- longhorns, turkey legs, cowboy hats, country music and family, a most perfect Texan vacation.
+ running the 8k shamrock race with Chris! the cold beer and dancing in the sand that traditionally follows
+ Guinness drenched corned beef and basketball games all the live long weekend, madness indeed
+ running my first half-marathon!! and the entire weekend in North Carolina -- carb loading, celebrating, relaxing, belly laughing, and loving through and through.
+ spotting daffodils, and snowflakes, and red buds abloom.
+ fervent skin care routines and pops of lavender in my hair -- late twenties bringing out both the "give a crap" and "why the hell not" in me
+ the greening of every little thing, spring rain showers when birdsong is still heard, and windows open evenings
+ homemade vanilla almond granola if only to fill the house with good smells; cucumber noodles in our salads; and fresh berries & asparagus once again filling the fridge
+ a coffee table try filled with all the best things: springtime magazines, a new candle flickering, a baby succulent, and salted caramels in a dish -- the simplest things make my heart happy
+ springtime walks with my Corgi girl


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