april miscellany

Sunday, April 30, 2017

april has filled my heart up so. -- happy days and even sweeter moments seemed almost daily this spring.  the heartbreaking, raw and hard moments in between make life what it is -- real.  but goodness prevails and i will always search and cling to those gems of happiness, finding the good, enjoying the smallest of joys through it all -- this is my way.

lots of our time was spent outside this april, readying & enjoying our bit of earth.  gardens were made, grass was seeded & cut, hands were made for digging, flowers planted, trees cut!  morning coffee alfresco, afternoons reading under that blue umbrella, and sunset gazing way past 7.  magic! and our list of springtime plans and adventures keeps getting longer-- so much to do and fun to be had! dreams of strawberry picking and a drive down to the Outer Banks are high on that list

things I want to remember from our april:
+seasons first-- blooms! azaleas and dogwoods and a favorite tree with the gorgeous pink blossoms to which its name escapes me, Caprese salad, shorts and sandals, iced coffee, dinner alfresco!
+ a weekend in Raleigh with my two best girlfriends & one adorable baby boy! lattes & pimento cheese biscuits --stopping in shops for oils, spices, and cheese--talking and snuggling and cuddling that boy so close-- these visits and women are food for my soul
+ those early april days when he took off work and we yard worked all the live long day! exhausted but proud at the end of those days, cheers'ing with cold beers and lighting the grill.
+ herb & vegetable gardens planted & growing.  ten different herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers oh my! praying for lots of rain and to remember my watering duties.
+ a truckload of mulch, that new weed eater, rose arbors and flowers and plants and four trips to the hardware store -- that proud feeling seeing all your hard work at the end of the day, priceless.
+ a carrot cake of my dreams and an easter weekend with family.  sunny and 70, two glorious and slow days spent enjoying his family and mine; so lucky they are just a short drive away
+ Starbucks & Target dates with my favorite 13 year old girl, who is now 3 inches taller than me and still making my heart and days so full-- also trying the unicorn frappe was a must for her! she loved it of course
+ a lunch date & just because tulips from a girlfriend i don't see enough of-- remedying that this summer for certain
+ his new hobby of drone racing and flying and building --i sure love my nerdy engineer whose hobbies are countless
+ making time for bike rides and ocean walks, seeing my island home come alive one again -- family and farm visits and hugging more tightly than ever before we leave.
+ corgi grass rolling and coat blowing, spring rights of passage for our Lucy girl
+ dressed up hummus, cheese and cracker plates, strawberry smoothies, and grilled chicken on our salads-- a few april eats
+ a sushi and sake dinner ending with a movie on the couch, a late lunch for half priced shrimp and steamed oysters & to ring in soft-shell crab season, a mid-week date nights breaking up the week by sipping wine and ordering too many appetizers, spin class together on tuesday and friday nights -- april dates
+ Thursday night kickball games, surprised by how excited I am for them now
+ anticipating summer novels and crisp rose and fresh corn on the cob; boat days and sun kissed skin and steamed shrimp by the pound