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Friday, January 12, 2018

Well well well, this feels rusty and nerve racking and all so wonderful all at the same time!  see its still me, I haven't changed much, still over-thinking over-feeling every little thing.

I've missed coming to this space, missed writing, missed sharing, missed diving into the creative parts of me, wherever she may be hiding.  Maybe most of all, I've missed connecting with those of you who read my words or scan our photos.   While I have no particular reason for my brief-ish pause, I still want to offer up some semblance of an explanation.  Last year I was feeling more and more obligated instead of inspired to share or write.  Blogging felt more like a "have-to" instead of a "want-to" and I certainly didn't want to turn this outlet into a chore.  And so after squeaking out a meager twelve posts last year, I unintentionally took a break.  It really wasn't a conscience decision to stop blogging, but more of a whoa its October where has the year gone/I'm not taking many photos/I'm enjoying the pause/who even blogs anymore/where is my computer/who reads this stuff anyways/my life isn't were I thought it would be and so my heart is having a hard time sharing/ time keeps slippin into the future / sort of thing.  ya know?!

But with that said, I am so incredibly happy and inspired to come back to this space and share and write and connect with whomever may read - (hi mom!)  I can think of no better time than the fresh start of a new year to rejoin a world and hobby you love.  And while I'm not sure how often I will be coming to this space; once a month- 10 times a month - five times this year? (my other new year goal, having more grace with myself)  I promise to share and write when I feel inspired and to be unequivocally, authentically me.

Thank you a million times over for your patience, your love and support, your reading eyes and kind hearts -- I've missed you!  & me!

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