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Friday, March 2, 2018

if you glimpse through these photos and think, "well she sure does laze around a lot and take pictures of her dogs from her couch"  you would be absolutely correct.  february was long and a bit rough, i never felt like i got my feet firmly on the ground this month.  these february days felt slow, finding routine felt near impossible, between a small surgery and having the flu i struggled to feel my best, both in body and in mind; but having the time to rest and home to be cozy in is such a blessing,  and i got to watch a considerable amount of the winter Olympics so at least i was productively patriotic.  silver lining? i mean gold. [punny!]

lots of good moments tucked into our february days though, don't get me wrong.  our pup is growing so fast and a pops of spring are arriving early, a welcomed joy.  and so i'm excited for march -- spring is on the horizon and our march days are looking entirely too busy and i can't wait.  it will be such a happy drastic change from our february.

a few things from our february:
+ superbowl snacks and bloody mary's, cheersing to the end of football season because that means basketball and spring are on their way, hip hip!
+ corgi playtime, a constant activity in our home nowadays -- i just love watching them roll around together, either in the grass or at my feet, and especially in the mornings so i can drink my coffee in peace
+ his new guitar and pastime of strumming late into the night, i so envy his musical abilities and hope those traits get passed on to our babes one day
+ my mom came for a visit, and we enjoyed a few days together relaxing in comfy clothes, drinking tea, talking and loving on corgis, we even did a little shopping, ate pizza, watched movies and neighborhood walked a bit.  there is nothing quite like having your mom around when you aren't feeling your best, goes to show you are never too old to be hugged and loved on by your momma
+ winter seafood at our local favorite spot -- oysters, shrimp, clams & calamari; we always enjoy a saturday afternoon date
+ a early Valentines celebration -- shopping for steaks and tuna and leaving with a gorgeous bouquet of roses for the table and decadent bars of dark chocolate because Valentine's of course! grilling steaks while sipping wine & dancing around the kitchen; cooking at home with each other while dining with begging corgis at our feet was the perfect night for us
+ a rare mid week lunch date with my big Valentine and my traditional date with my mini Valentines on its special day -- i love watching how those sweet littles have grown over the years-- 15 books at bedtime and a Moana viewing are musts when i babysit
+ february running miles were meager thanks to said illnesses, but alas they must be noted, 34 miles
+ homemade energy bites, ahi poke tuna salad, steaks on the grill, vegetable stir fry's, salads and homemade spaghetti sauce -- a few february eats
+ a park and picnic date just for the girls-- it was sunny and 70 degrees on a friday in february so we walked and talked and soaked up every little minute together
+ blooming forsythia, red buds, daffodils, and bradford pear trees over these last few winter days and
i kinda think the ground hog was wrong after all
+ a sunny and almost 80 degree saturday called for a Virginia Beach boardwalk visit, along with the rest of our city -- biking and boarding, fish tacos, orange crushes, and short sleeved shirts -- first day of the season indeed
+ a few firsts for our Ollie bear -- baths and leash walking, cow ears and bacon, his first trip to NC and overnight visit with his grandparents!
+ anticipating spring yard work days, fresh strawberries, and mornings on the patio coffee in hand


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