I'm Katie.
I undoubtedly have great hair and hope to one day pass that on to my babies.
My husband is Chris and we have been married for almost 9 years.  He is my high school sweetheart and probably my favorite person on the planet. My other favorites are our dogs Lucy, a 9 year old corgi whose ears feel like velvet & Oliver, a feisty and full of life puppy who has made us a two Corgi family for forever on.
I grew up on a small island in North Carolina, a touristy paradise but our forever home.  No beach will ever compare to the one I learned to walk on.
Virginia Beach has been our home for over 7  years now. Over a bottle of wine recently we decided that this is the perfect place for us to be -- but never opposed to possibilities and adventure, I'm always up for that.  Also decided-- never straying to far from our oceanside roots.
I love to cook-- and big pots of soup are my love language. My favorite food is pizza and my favorite dessert is all of them.
I believe in waking up early, celebrating small moments, and learning from experience.
I enjoy writing and capturing moments. And I love traveling and running and think doing anything outside is better.  Dinner alfresco?! Running on the beach?! Coffee on the porch?!
I am compassionate, and cheerful, and sarcastic, and transparent and irrevocably guarded.  I'm a bit of a dreamer but also a realist and my heart fills up daily with the simplest joys.
I hope you like reading and sometimes laughing and pictures of dogs and drinks and my feet -- because that seems to be what I am documenting here.


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  1. you always were a smart, pretty and an engaging person. i loved talking with you on lunch break when you were in the office. Somehow your life now seems to hearken back to an era of smart literary women who somehow found ways to become fully themselves and yet maintained social grace, humor and artistry. I really enjoy what you do on these pages.